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Caroline Maryan holding her Canon camera.

Caroline Maryan


I’m a freelance writer and travel photographer and founder of Camera Mechanics Workshops, where I help people take the mystery out of their DSLRs.

I’ve been an elementary school teacher and a software engineer, the perfect background for teaching about cameras. My eleven years as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader certainly helped, too! And, I really love a challenge!

I’ve spent time living abroad, in Asia, where I began writing for International Living Magazine and its Fund Your Life Overseas series. This has allowed me to combine writing with photography. I’ve been the photo editor of a magazine in Seoul, South Korea. Many of my photos are available online at iStock by Getty Images. While much of my microstock portfolio is travel-related, I also stage shoots that are theme-driven, including my Mad Scientist series.

Today, I continue to travel, but use Williamsburg, Virginia as my base. I’m currently exhibiting my art at Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center.  I’ll be teaching my workshops, Camera Mechanics, Advanced Camera Mechanics, and Lightroom Classic (6) in Williamsburg, in 2019. Be sure to contact me if you are interested.


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